The Most Important Things You Need To Know About Investment Visa

When many investors decide to go offshoring, the main question is which jurisdiction to go to. Many people prefer Hong Kong because of its pro business administration, support by the government, stable political environment, and diverse financial services.

As a major destination, investors can enter and do business in several ways. The commonest of all is the Hong Kong investment visa

What is Hong Kong investment visa? 

This is a special type of Hong Kong visa that allows investors to enter and do business in Hong Kong. Under the employment ordinance, the investor is considered an employee of the business he/she is opening. Once approved, the investor is allowed to bring dependents (children below 18 years and spouse).

Requirements for approval before applying for investment visa 

When applying for an investment visa at the immigration department, you need to meet the following.

  • Must have no criminal record at home and Hong Kong
  • Have high academic qualifications (the least accepted level is an undergraduate)
  • It is a requirement to have incorporated in Hong Kong
  • Indicate how the company will impact the Hong Kong economy

The required documentation 

When you decide to apply for an investment visa trough an agency like, you must demonstrate the company and how it will operate using the following documents;

  • Fill the application form from the immigrations department in Hong Kong
  • Copy of your passport
  • Academic certifications
  • The Hong Kong company registration certificate
  • Personal bank statements for the last couple of years
  • A duly completed business plan

Getting the business plan

The business plan is the main blueprint for the company05 because it determines the direction the company is headed. The plan must also outline the nature of the business (is it in the financial, hospitality, export, telecoms or others).

The business plan must also capture the company’s business anticipation for the next two years.

This means that the immigration can see through the business and its commitment to help grow the economy. It is at this stage that you can demonstrate the business strengths as well as weaknesses and how to address them.