June 10, 2023

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Data is changing the world

Understanding the Place of Technology in Modern Business

The business world remained pretty the same for about one century until the Industrial Revolution, but this changed pretty fast immediately after. Technology is currently developing at an exponential rate, and there are only two options for businesses: adapting or getting swept away by the wave of progress. Indeed, technology has become so ingrained in business operations that it is almost impossible to work without it. So, what is the place of technology in modern business? 

Helping to Improve Communication 

As you can see, technology is becoming an important part of business operations, and it is crucial that you also consider adopting it.

The new CEO of the New World Development in Hong Kong, Adrian Cheng, explains that you should not just adopt technology but also target staying ahead of competitors. Technology also helps in decision-making and enhancing the relevance of the company.

Almost every part of a business today is defined by information technology (IT) in one way or another. When it comes to communication, technology is central to improving it.

Using business management systems, companies are able to plan operations and keep their employees up-to-date about the work requirements. See, employees are able to get real-time work requirements, updates and even give feedback without attending physical meetings

Other technology channels at the heart of enhancing better communication in companies include emails and digital platforms. The importance of these channels came to the fore during COVID-19 pandemic, when it was impossible to conduct physical meetings. 

Improving Business Marketing 

Traditionally, an ad on television or radio was enough to drive massive sales for a company, but such tactics are no longer viable. Even though a significant part of your business market might still opt for traditional ads, the bigger part is opting for newer and tech-driven models.

One of these is social media marketing, which involves reaching out to the targeted clients via social media channels. With over 4.2 billion people using social media across the globe, this is a huge customer base that you cannot afford to ignore. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) and e-commerce also use technology to ensure that your company, pages, and products can easily be found. When you adopt e-commerce technology, it becomes easy to sell products via your site 24/7 instead of only during the day. 

Enhancing Customer Relationships 

Today, customers want to be persuaded beyond reasonable doubt that their products are worth buying. Technology is helping to fade the gap between companies and their customers. Using mobile apps, websites, and social media, a company is only a click away. Customers can pull out the website of the selected company, compare the prices and chat with support for clarifications.

He can also join the community of the respective brand to hear what others have to say about the product. 

With technology, you are able to help customers eliminate guesswork and only place orders when sure that the product or service of interest is the right one. You can also use these communities to undo market misinformation about your company. For example, plugins can help your company to quickly note negative mentions and jump to such conversations to provide clarifications.