March 27, 2023

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The Traits of a Successful Brand according to Romain Chiaramonte

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When entrepreneurs start businesses, there is no doubt that one of the goals is crafting a strong corporate image and growing into multinationals.  During the branding process, it is prudent to appreciate that it is an ongoing process and not a one-point target. Therefore, what are the traits of a successful brand?

Get a Clear Identity

A business brand goes beyond being a marketing tool. Like Romain Chiaramonte said, “a brand denotes how the world sees your company.” For example, when the term Nike is mentioned, people associate with its products’ greatness. Actually, even the price does not ring in their minds right away. That clarity of what Nike, Apple, Samsung or Macdonald among other brands are, is what keeps them going.

Now, you must work towards getting a clear identity that the world can identify you with. It is important to take ample time thinking about your identity because getting it wrong could make the business stall.

Look at the leading businesses and how their brands work. Then, go for something big and use it to march to success.

Special Focus on the Target Audience

When working on a brand, it is not uncommon to see people getting overtaken by what they think will look cool and forget what their brands are designed for. Although it is your brand, failing to put the audience at the center is likely to make your brand flop.

The best way to a winning brand is by making them reverberate what the market wants. Take the example of Whole Foods. This organic chain store adopted the tagline “Healthy Living” that has become a magnet for its clients. Why? This is because everyone wants a healthy life.  Therefore, look at what people want and interweave it into your brand.

Be Consistent With Your Branding Strategies

One thing you must appreciate is that the road of business branding is never smooth. You will encounter serious hurdles along the way. But you cannot afford to be inconsistent with your brand. When a situation arises, the main aim is handling it professionally and moving on.

Actually, you can handle it well and make it a stepping stone for faster growth. Take the example of Volkswagen. After getting embroiled in emission cheating scandal, the company had to recall so many cars and pay hefty fines. But it maintained its brand, and it is doing well now. Your brand is your “child” and you cannot throw it away because of challenges.

Whether your brand is new or you have been building it for some time, success is only possible if it depicts the above traits. Note that building a strong brand takes time. It doesn’t happen in a day!