March 27, 2023

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Key Tips on what to Bring on a French Alps Holiday

The French Alps has always been a top choice for families and friends planning a holiday trip. The idea of gliding through the snow is undoubtedly exciting as well as staying at a luxury ski resort. 

You think you got everything settled perfectly.  Halfway through the ride, you realized you forgot your snowboards!

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Here are essential tips to help get your winter stash ready, quickly:

Ski stuff

Skiing is an activity most adventurers seek at the French Alps. Aside from a good winter coat and snow pants, make sure you have all these items packed too:

Skis and snowboards.

Sliding down hills of snow requires these two items. If you don’t own one, you can always rent at the ski resort.

Ski boots.

A good pair of ski boots is an essential that will keep you warm throughout your trip.

Goggles and Helmet.

Ski safely by having these protective gears with you. Note that a good pair of goggles should fit close to your face.


The temperature is freezing in the Alps all year-round. Layers of clothing will be much required to keep you warm. Make sure your thermal outfits include:

Thermal leggings and undershirts.

Along with your winter coat, a good pair of warm leggings and undershirts will keep you warm throughout your vacation.

Underwear and sports bra.

Get maximum comfort when doing sports activities in the Alps. Choose undergarments that fit your body perfectly.


A pair of comfy trousers should be a must-have in all your trips. Pack a pair or two for quick outfit changes.


Don’t miss your everyday skincare routine while on a holiday trip. Keep your skin clean and moisturized by bringing travel-friendly sizes of your skincare items.


Have a pair of extra boots ready in your luggage in case you need a quick replacement during the trip.


Capture all the delightful moments during your French Alps Holiday. Get yourself a good camera or a GoPro that can keep up with all your winter adventures. Pack your power banks and phone chargers with you to avoid losing contact.

Save your energy. Tick off all the essential items from your packing list, and head onto a beautiful journey to the French Alps