June 10, 2023

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Five Things to Do when Visiting Georgia

Are you travelling to Georgia and looking for amazing holiday moments? It is an amazing country and I can guarantee you one thing – planning to come back for the enthralling experience. Georgia is a country sandwiched between the Black Sea to the west, Caucasus Mountains to the north, and deserts to the south. Furthermore, the country boarders Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia that makes it a crossroads of culture with breathtaking landscapes. 

From the moment you step from an airplane at Tbilisi Airport, there is a feeling of something special filling the air. You can feel it, you can even see it!

Tbilisi is not just charming, but very centric – overflowing with Amazing history, tradition, and creative energy. It is for this reason that people all over Europe keep coming back for its amazing hospitality. This is your turn to enjoy your stay, and here are the five most enthralling things to do in Georgia. 

Check into the Medieval Land 

One of the most enchanting places on the entire globe is the medieval land, which is tucked in the Georgia’s Caucasian Mountains. Indeed, the entire Svaenti province is full of awesome ancient watchtowers, which were used by locals to keep invaders away.

Initially, this medieval island was only accessible only through a single long road, but you can now access the area more easily through direct flights.

The breathtaking views from the mountain and medieval architecture makes this a must visit for persons visiting Georgia. 

Visit Metekhi Church 

Metekhi Cathedral is located in one of the country’s historic districts, at the top of a striking cliff. Local legends indicate that the city patron saint was martyred there around the 18th century. The Metekhi Cathedral is believed to have been built around the middle ages, and has four towering pillars and three apses. 

To explore the ground, you can wander around and then head to the Metekhi Bridge before checking into the iconic monument that was created in respect of King Vakhtang Gorgasali.

To get the best views of the cathedral, which is believed to be on the point where Tbilisi was founded, visit the top of Narikala Fortless.

Explore the Open Air Museum of Ethnobotany 

Perched on the hill overlooking Vake District in Tbilisi, the Open Air Museum of Ethnobotany is one of the best example crafts and folk crafts and architecture collected from Georgia. It is named Giorgi Chitaia, one of the Georgian ethnographers who founded it around 1966.

It comprises of 70 buildings that are set on 52 acres of land, and the exhibits represent a different section of the Georgian ethnography. 

Some of the most enthralling things in the museum include watch towers from mountainous areas, such as Svaneti and Khevsureti, flat roofed houses from eastern Georgia, and a Kakhetian wintery among others. Within these buildings, you will also get displays of amazing traditional ceramics, furniture, and traditional costumes. 

Travel Back in Time to the 19th Century Georgia at Barbarestan 

Tbilisi has a lot of retro-themed taverns and restaurants, which hark back on the old humble soviet era. The Barbarestan is one of them and it presents you with an awesome opportunity to travel back to the 19th Century Georgia. 

The menu on the restaurant is based on Complete Cooking, a book that was published in 1914 by Eristavi-Jorjadze, a poet, chef and feminist. Therefore, this is the excellent point for classic delicacies that blend the Asian and European ingredients the old-fashion style. The churchkhela cake is, especially awesome!

Spend Your Evening at Fabrika, the Coolest Place in Tbilisi 

Fabrika is a huge and old Soviet Sewing production centers, which was converted into a multifunctional space for visitors. Today, it includes artist studios, hostel, co-working spaces, and awesome courtyard for all to gather for a drink. This place is an absolute must-see and an awesome thing to do for both locals and visitors. 

The attractions and things to do in Georgia that we have listed above are only a few; the list can be a lot longer. Remember that you can learn a lot more by following John Dodelande’s art collections on Georgia.

So, whether you are on a long vacation or short getaway, Georgia is one place that has a lot of impressive things to do and you will surely enjoy.