March 27, 2023

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Facts that No One Is Willing to Tell You about Space Tourism!

You have probably read about the epic Neil Armstrong travel to the moon. Now, the next big thing is space tourism. As the name suggests, space tourism, means travelling to beyond the earth’s atmosphere for leisure. The advanced technology has now made it easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Already, seven people have toured the outer space and the demand is growing.

So, if you are interested in traveling beyond the earth’s atmosphere, it is important to understand all the facts. Here, we are going to tell you about facts that no one is willing to tell you. 

Travelling to Space is Expensive 

If you think of space tourism, it might be the single most expensive undertaking you have ever thought of.

Well, the experience of seeing the wonders of outer space is indeed scintillating. But this is only for people who can afford to spend millions of dollars on a few days trip. Are you ready for that?

Roscosmos, one of the companies involved in taking the first space tourists, has tagged a one week visit to outer space for $40 million per client.

Orion Span, another company planning to take visitors to outer space after building a hotel there, has indicated it will charge $9.5 million per person for a 12-day mission.  

You will be Able to Make a Call from Space 

Imagine making a call to your significant other, mom, dad, or workplace colleague from outer space. As interest in space tourism gears up, telecoms have also launched initiatives to provide telephone network on the moon.

For example, Nokia has indicated it plans to provide internet network services there so that you can even stream videos from space.

So, if you see anything interesting or funny, simply stream live to your website site or share it on Facebook. See, no need to keep friends waiting until the end of the excursion. 

Travelling to Space can Cause Vision Challenges 

Travelling to space can result in vision issues. Over 50% of Americans who travelled to space reported vision problems. NASA researchers indicated that the problem might be caused by a shift in body fluids because of low gravity.

The fluid shift is believed to put pressure on eye nerves causing strained vision. Well, this is one of the cons of travelling to space!

Travelling to Space Might Help to Rejuvenate Your Skin

One unique benefit of travelling to space is that it might help the dead skin to fall off, leaving you with a soft and attractive outlook.

After an extended stay in the space, Scott Kelly’s DNA was found to have longer chromosomes.

This was interesting because people’s chromosomes shorten as they age. While no studies have confirmed the relationship between aging and space travel, it might be your magic solution to get younger!