March 27, 2023

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Debunking the Top 5 Misconceptions about Video Production

In the ever-competitive business environment, you cannot afford to be complacent or sit on the fence in so far as embracing modern forms of marketing is concerned. Video marketing is now all the rage and any business enterprise worth it’s salt should tap into this increasingly effective form of advertisement.

Like me and many others, you probably spend a few hours on social media watching funny short clips, sharing memes here and there, or simply conversing yourself with various explainer videos.

You find it easy to retain video content as compared to blocks of text you’ve read. Every time you come across an informative, educative, or funny video clip, your fingers are itching to click the share button.

As a person, you can attest to the power of video production. Now as a business owner, you find yourself in a catch 22 situation. You are in a dilemma as to whether you should go for video marketing or not. The simple and direct answer is “yes”. You should. The benefits far outweigh the doubts you might be having. 

Matter of fact, your hesitation towards fully embracing video production could be as a result of various misconceptions being peddled around by individuals who clearly do not understand the central role that video production plays in scaling one’s business to greater heights.

This particular article is about debunking top video production misconceptions. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Video Production Is an Expensive Affair

No doubt, video production is a little exorbitant when compared to other forms of advertising such as the use of banners, posters, brochures, radio ads and whatnot. But to look it from the spectrum of raw costs is fallacious.

We need to look at the viability of video production based on revenue or rather, return on investment (ROI) as opposed to the initial cost.

Simply put, producing a video may cost say $4000 but the revenue to the business could be in the region of $8000 – $10000 or beyond depending on how well it is received. 

The same cannot be said of paid advertising which is not known to return over 100% returns in revenue. Interesting, right? Well, with this information in mind, it makes great sense for your business to invest in video production!

A client has no input in the video production process

This is one of the greatest misconceptions. Some people believe, wrongly so, that once a video production company is hired, they run the show and the client has little or no role to play.

How wrong! As a client, you own the product, you have an idea of what you want to communicate, how it should be packaged, and what not.

As such, you are central in the video production process. The video production Singapore firm will listen to your idea, brainstorm, create a video strategy around the idea, and produce a video that aligns to your business mission, vision, and statement.

Your story matters, just like people doing tourism in the space, and what the video production company does is work around your story to create the perfect video.

You don’t need a video production company. You can do it by yourself.

Seems like a great plan especially if you are working on a budget, right? Wrong! Producing quality videos is not about taking your iPhone and recording a short clip to your potential customers.

You need a script, the right equipment, the right actors, proper lighting, to mention a few.

All these are things which a professional video production company brings to the table. They have the expertise, experience, know-how, and proper equipment to produce a professional video that will push your business to greater heights.

Your videos should be directed to the YouTube platform

That YouTube is presumably the largest video site globally is not in doubt. However, creating videos with the sole goal of targeting YouTube viewers only is misleading. Granted, YouTube controls 40% of the video market

Focusing solely on the YouTube platform means you are excluding 60% of the market!

While YouTube might be an integral part of your video marketing plan, endeavor to be all-inclusive and post your videos on additional platforms and outlets such as Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, to mention but a few.


While video production might be involving and time-consuming, the benefits for your business cannot be overemphasized.

Endeavour to choose a video production Singapore firm with a great reputation, high-end equipment, experience, expertise, positive testimonials, to mention a few. 

A professional corporate video production Singapore firm will guide you through the entire process and ensure the final video product not only serves to market your business but also position it as a leader in your niche.