March 28, 2023

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Best Practices for Industrial Waste Management: A Closer Look at UMMC

Every industrial operation generates some waste. How that waste is managed is very important. The focus of the company is employing the best practices in waste management to enhance production, reduce the impact on the environment, and maintain a positive image.

Measuring and Reducing Waste at Source 

To ensure that any strategy of waste management is implemented well, the first step is to understand the quantities that are involved. In the mining niche, high amount of waste could be an indication that the production system is ineffective.

UMMC focuses on measuring and reducing wastes in the production systems in the following ways.

For Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC), the commitment to effective waste management is part of the main operational strategy.

  • The production units are maintained in top conditions to enhance their efficiency.
  • The company uses the latest technology in its plants to reduce wastes being generated.
  • Some of the waste is recycled to reduce the amount getting into the environment.

The efforts to cut waste into the environment have borne fruits because the company has managed to cut emissions by more than 3-folds in the last ten years. Liquid and solid wastes have also gone down significantly.

Implementation of International Standards 

The management of UMMC insists that the company should not be viewed as a stand-alone entity. This is because the environment is an interconnected thing and wastes released in one part of the globe could end up having huge impacts on a different part of the globe. It is the reason why UMMC strongly adheres to international standards for production and environmental care. The most notable of these is ISO 14001.

UMMC insists on ISO 14001 because it focuses on life cycle assessment to ensure that the production system is understood and wastes production reduced. Here are the main targets at UMMC in line with ISO 14001.

  • Improving resources efficiency.
  • Improving the overall environmental impact of the company.
  • Cutting waste at source and managing environmental obligation.
  • Environmental performance evaluation.

Compliance to Environmental Laws 

In most industrial systems, the process of managing waste is guided by law to t reduce the impact on the natural system is minimized.

UMMC operates in compliance with Russian Environmental Laws and EU Environmental policies to keep the environment clean and safe for all. The target of UMMC is to do more than what is prescribed in these laws in order to make a positive mark in society.

The commitment of UMMC to use the best practices in waste management is laudable. It has made the company stand taller than competitors on impacting the environment and communities positively.